Sales & Referral Fee Tracking Tool

Client: Midmarket healthcare company

The client was in the process of signing several referral agreements with medical clinics around the country. Each referral agreement involves a different upfront payment and different percentage of ongoing revenues for patients that ultimately purchase from the company. The client engaged us to develop a sales and referral fee tracking tool to interface with their online sales platform and calculate referral fees on an ongoing basis.

3 Key Insights:

We built a detailed calculation tool designed to take each and every sales transaction from the e-commerce platform, and each and every clinic’s unique agreement, to correctly calculate referral payments in an “audit-ready” fashion


To generate separate, detailed (line by line) statements for each clinic on a monthly basis, the tool makes use of several custom-written macros that ultimately export to a PDF statement


The tool is being used to keep up with the “opening spigot” of sales that would have threatened to overwhelm earlier tools and processes that the company had in place

Monthly Retail Sales by Clinic over Time

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