Production & Licensing Start-up Model

CLIENT: Construction Material Producer

A new engineering and production start-up in Canada approached Sapling to develop a detailed financial model to capture their business operations over the next 10-years. Through numerous unique projects, the company uses industrial equipment to produce construction materials which they sell by the ton to different customers. With company operations conducted through these projects, the existing project models the company had were not flexible enough to re-use, and consolidated models the company had weren’t very detailed.

3 Key Insights:

We built a very flexible Excel based financial model, which had functionality for capturing the business operations in up to 200 unique projects across three countries. The project inputs also allowed the user to specify whether these were production, licensing, tolling or joint venture projects, with separate calculations for each

The model also had the ability to showcase individual project grants and debt funding, in addition to corporate level grants and funding

Core outputs included full financial statements, financial ratios, gross margin breakdowns, shareholder metrics, as well as financial return analysis for individual projects. The model also had separate calculations and outputs for showing the fair market value of owned mines where materials were to be extracted

EXAMPLE: Revenue Breakdown by Project Type

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