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CLIENT: Investment Firm

An investment firm based in Canada was looking to upgrade their existing spreadsheets that they used for calculating key portfolio return metrics, as it was currently very manual intensive and had a high potential for human error. The firm approached Sapling to develop a streamlined tool to replace their existing one, which could be used for the next 10 years.

3 Key Insights:

We built an Excel-based tool for calculating key return metrics (IRR, MOIC, etc.), which took in various inputs such as investment dates, inflow dates, carry plan dates, and more, on a vintage year level, and generated a detailed set of reporting outputs, based around the clients existing tool

The Excel-based model had multiple macros built-in for systematically updating the dates within the tool, to avoid any potential errors stemming from manual updates

The tool was also built with a comprehensive error check table, which flagged any time an input was entered incorrectly, to allow the user to go back and make adjustments

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