Payments and Invoicing Automation

CLIENT: Clinical Research Company

Sapling was engaged to build an automation process that streamlines and reconciles the payments and invoices processing for the clinical trials conducted by the client, using existing infrastructure: the practice management system, accounting system, and .pdf reports and emails regarding payments from the clinical trial sponsors.

3 Key Insights:

We developed an application that automatically processes clinical study payments reports from a .pdf  format into a spreadsheet format

We created a VBA enhanced spreadsheet tool that automates the line-by-line reconciliation process between the practice management system charges (by patient, by visit) and the corresponding payments from the trial sponsor. The tool also generates reports of the payments by location/clinical trial in a selected time period and compares them against the accounting system

We built error checks ensuring that the scripts/macros are generating accurate data, and alerting management of potential errors, such as differences between payments recorded in the practice management system and sponsor reports, or incorrect sales tax calculations, etc.

EXAMPLE: PDF Conversion, Reconciliation, & Error Checks

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