Operating Model For Training Start-Up

CLIENT: Laboratory Training Start-Up

Sapling was approached by a start-up which specialized in offering training services for advanced laboratory, science and medical equipment. The company was looking to develop a model that could be used to capture the business operations, as well as be used for presentation purposes for obtaining new grants or other funding.

3 Key Insights:

We built a comprehensive operating model with inputs specified on a quarterly basis, capturing all of the individual business lines of the company, including individual and corporate level pricing models, and different training methods

The model includes a detailed wages and salaries section, with inputs having the ability to specify staff on an individual level, or on a grouped “phase” level for flexibility

The model includes comprehensive outputs including full financial statements on a quarterly and annual basis, key shareholder metrics, financial ratios, cash burn breakdowns, gross margins breakdowns, headcount, and more

EXAMPLE: Net Cash Burn by Quarter

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