New Biomanufacturing Facility Model

Client: Biomedical Focused Development Entity

A partnership was looking to build and operate a new biomanufacturing campus, focused on medical technology and gene therapy. Sapling was engaged to develop a detailed financial model to assist the partnership with their efforts to secure investors and gain government support.

3 Key Insights:

With three separate entities involved in constructing the new facility, the model included numerous assumptions, calculations and outputs for each entity. Full financial statements for each entity, multiple visuals, and a set of valuation outputs were generated as well.

Revenue and COGS items were modelled uniquely for each entity and their business streams, with additional consideration for intercompany transactions between each of the entities. The model also considered the timing of construction, and available facility space for key inputs.

A large portion of the model was focused on the capital costs of developing the new facility, totalling over $300M+. The model separated out these costs by entity, phase of construction, and funding source. Additional equity commitment fees and loan origination costs were also built into the model.

Single Entity Revenue, COGS & Gross Margin

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