Mid-Tier Mining Take Out Merger

Client: Private Equity Group

A private equity group was looking to purchase a mid-tier mining company financed with a combination of debt, equity and a streaming facility, and then merge it with another company in an all-stock deal to create a diversified producer. The total deal approached $1B.

3 Key Insights:

We built a best-in-class financial model, layered on top of the life of mine models developed by the two entities. The model was designed to calculate pro forma metrics, through the three financial statements, for both entities combined


Much of our work focused on modelling out detailed term sheets provided by two bulge bracket investment banks and a mining finance house. We managed the model for both investment banking teams with a one-day turnaround


The many scenarios we ran involved changes to capital structure as well as different operating assumptions (high/low grade, high/low tonnage, etc.)

Equity Investor Return Matrix

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