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Client: Boutique life insurance focused wealth management firm

A high-end life insurance-focused wealth management firm has been working with Sapling for over 2 years on modelling to assist with selling policies to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

3 Key Insights:

Our work involves modelling life insurance policies to show users the benefits of participating in insurance for both corporate and personal investments. Modelling involves the complexities of tax, including RDTOH, CDA, etc.


One of our regular deliverables leverages a previously developed personal finance model with thousands of rows implementing RRSPs, TFSAs, corporations (including SBD, GRIP, etc.), detailed T1/T2 calculations, etc.


Our work in terms of both modelling and sales meetings has added significant credibility to our client, who has closed numerous large cases with our support

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