Investment Accounting Tool

Client: family investment office managing a large private investment portfolio

A private investment fund approached us to develop a tool to efficiently manage a large investment portfolio, incorporating multiple assets classes and investments in several countries and currencies.  The tool needed to forecast cashflow requirements and return projections, track historical returns, and provide intuitive visual displays of current investments and returns.

3 Key Insights:

We developed a workbook to track investments and returns by asset class in multiple currencies, assets, liabilities and commitments of the fund, and to provide forecasts of returns.


The client was continually involved in the design of the tool, forms for inputting new data, and the design of outputs.  The product was provided as a turn-key solution including full training of the Client’s staff.


The product will provide the client with a much clearer picture of its current investment portfolio and will facilitate more accurate planning of cash flows and modelling of investment returns.  In addition, staff time will be used more efficiently.

Change in Asset Allocation Over Time

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