High-End Auto Facility Model and Plan

Client: A commercial real estate developer looking to build a new facility

A commercial real estate developer hired Sapling to evaluate an opportunity to build a new facility for a high-end auto shop, convince the owner to move and then subsequently raise debt financing.

3 Key Insights:

We developed several models-within-models. The first made use of our research into costs (both hard and soft) to set a long-term lease rate.


The second made use of publicly available information to “piece together” the current forecast financials of the auto shop owner. The third model laid out the opportunity to the auto shop owner of moving into the new facility.


Accompanying the model we built an 80-page deck, summarizing our research into costs and the assumptions we made regarding the auto shop’s financials.

Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow of Facility (Liquidate at End)

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