Ethanol Production Enhancement Model

Client: Ethanol Manufacturer In North America

An ethanol manufacturer in North America was looking to expand its production capabilities in an effort to produce higher grades of ethanol. Sapling was engaged to produce a financial model that would show the feasibility of the planned expansion and could be presented to investors.

3 Key Insights:

We built a full operational model showing 10+ years of projected financials for the company. The model included a detailed breakdown of inputs for expected production with ramp-up periods, main and by-product pricing, expected capital costs, as well as projected funding and grants.

The model had various scenarios included to show both the financial projections of the company under their expansion plan, as well as under their current operating assumptions without any expansion. Various additional scenarios were used to stress test key input assumptions.

Outputs for the various individual scenarios were generated to show NPV, IRR, and company valuations. Further outputs showing the advantage that the various planned expansion scenarios had over the current operations were also included.

Ethanol and By-Product Revenue Split

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