Supply Company Expansion Modelling

Client: Dental Supply Company

A rapidly growing North American distribution company was approached by Sapling in order to create a detailed financial model and set of investor slides. The company had a number of upcoming large investments to increase its North American presence and expand warehousing capabilities, which had significant financing requirements within the next few years.

3 Key Insights:

We developed a highly detailed model, with the inputs separated in the model for two existing entities, with room for any additional acquisitions or subsidiaries in the future. Outputs and financial statements were also presented both separately for each as well as on a consolidated basis with intercompany eliminations.

Warehousing was also developed with a high degree of specificity of 10+ locations, showing the utilization rates, costs of usage, materials, and labor, as well as the additional revenue generated from storage and fulfillment of external orders.

As the model was being used to present to potential investors, a detailed investor deck was created to illustrate the history of the company, its high growth potential, and the use of new funds.

Warehouse Utilization Rates (%)

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