Data Cleaning and Standardization Tool

CLIENT: Waste Management Company

A waste management firm based in Canada noticed a lack of standardization between product & service offerings in their invoicing. This made analyzing data very difficult, as distinct customers and jobs could not easily be identified. The client approached Sapling to remedy this issue by analyzing their historical data in order to standardize and scrub their previous invoices.

3 Key Insights:

Starting with accounting software reports, Sapling first employed a series of advanced Excel formulas and text functions to scrub all unnecessary information from various line items. Using fuzzy matching, Sapling was then able to identify likely groups of items that represent similar services

With grouped data, the client was able to see some key metrics including number of services, average service revenue, maximum revenue the service, and much more. Additional outputs were also able to be put together to summarize the monthly reports

As the client had multiple entities, a key takeaway from the analysis was to increase standardization between both the individuals performing the service, the individuals invoicing, and the reporting from the different entities

EXAMPLE: Summary Revenue Output

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