Consumer Durables Manufacturer Model

Client: Consumer Durables Manufacturer

Sapling was approached by the owner of a rapidly growing consumer durables manufacturer who was looking to sell their company. The client had operated as CEO of the business for many years and decided to seek out investors for a buyout, requiring a financial model to present forecasted financials to potential investors.

3 Key Insights:

To suit the needs of the client, Sapling developed both a comprehensive financial model based on management forecasts and historical performance, as well as an investor deck for presenting to buyers.

The model used a sales volume focused approach for revenue calculations, and included inputs for all product combinations, considering market location, product category, and sales channel.

The accompanying presentation was developed for showcasing the financial model outputs, giving company context, and addressing typical questions and concerns of a potential buyer. The deck included key items such as commentary on the company’s history, overview of operations, opportunities for scaling, company strengths, management bios, an industry overview, and financial forecasts.

Gross Margins By Product, Channel, and Country

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