Biotech Startup Model

Client: Biotech Manufacturing Company

The company engaged us to assist with restructuring an existing model and building out additional functionality. The client was in the process of reaching out to prospective investors and needed an improved, investor ready model for presentation and internal reporting.

3 Key Insights:

Our first step was to understand the firm’s operating model and determine which components were vital in creating the new model. We then sketched out a schematic to guide our building process.

The model was broken into three primary sections which streamlined the process of updating financial information. Final outputs included a DCF, Cap table, the three income statements, and various schedules (working capital, depreciation, headcount, etc.).

The new model provided the client with increased forecasting functionality and control over their financial projections. The client found the model a significant improvement over the original model and is better equipped to approach potential investors.

Revenue Projections Output

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