5-Year Forecast Model with Synergies + QoE

CLIENT: Wholesale and Retail Customized Consumer Products

Sapling was engaged to build a five-year model with the forecasted growth and other variable factors, including synergy initiatives planned for the group companies for internal restructuring. The model involved multiple revenue lines, cost factors, their seasonality and synergy benefits for various planned initiatives, including expansion.

3 Key Insights:

We developed a detailed model for ten group entities, with the inputs for all the revenue channels, all the products for each mode, seasonality for each of the channels, costs incurred for the channels, and other business expenses along with their allocation rates during the year

Sales, General & Admin expenses model was developed with high degree of specificity for multiple entities having multiple expenses with different allocation basis

The EBITDA was calculated for each entity separately for each of the channels of revenue generation. Further, consolidated financial statements were prepared at the group level which also illustrated the equity holding structure for controlled entities of the group, their portion of non-controlling interests as well as proportionate inclusion of uncontrolled entities

EXAMPLE: Financial Projections Including Synergy Effect

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