About Us

Bankable Quality, Priced for the Mid-Market

We are a management consulting firm founded in 2015. We started in Toronto and are now working with clients throughout North America. There are 3 main things you need to know about us:

1. What we do?

We help businesses make better decisions.

2. Why we do it?

If people make better decisions, they bring more value to the world.

3. How we do it?

With financial modelling and data analysis. These tools enable us to help ambitious executives and entrepreneurs make decisions based on quantitative facts.

"The Gap"

Sapling was founded to fill a gap in the market: offering high-quality financial modelling at an affordable price point for mid-market firms and entrepreneurs. Large consultancy or professional services firms offer high-quality modelling, but the entry price point for engaging them can be quite steep, often in the hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars, because their target clients are typically larger companies. As a result, many mid-market firms are forced to either hire internally, having to cover salary costs, training time, and oversight from a more experienced team member, usually without previous in-house expertise. Quite often, they may have problems attracting the talent required. Sapling offers an affordable alternative, building bankable financial models, customized to meet the specific business needs, using best practices gained by building hundreds of models in various industries, and thoroughly audited and checked by our managers and partners.

Sapling complements financial modelling with data analytics services, which are designed to analyze, integrate, and automate our clients’ data, thus bridging the gap between IT and Finance. Our technological solutions are backed by our financial comprehension, enabling us to develop innovative solutions that accurately present information to best guide decision-making.  Unlike traditional IT firms, we understand the importance of financial reconciliation and can also provide strategic insight when it comes to determining KPIs.  We also differ from other management consulting firms as we possess the technical capabilities to not only build out Business Intelligence Dashboards but automate the extraction of data from various systems in the back-end.

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