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The last decade marked an unprecedented success for private equity, with more money being raised, invested, and distributed back to investors than in any period in the industry’s history.

Success draws intense competition, which has produced several challenges for PE deal makers, such as high deal multiples, a dearth of attractive targets, and stiff competition from corporate buyers.

In this highly competitive environment, the best returns are achieved by GPs that focus on both due diligence when evaluating platform/add-on acquisitions and on value creation, working closely with their portfolio companies.


Sapling works closely with PE firms to offer due diligence services in the form of (a) QoE Reports and (b) data ‘slice and dice’ for private M&A situations, and (c) financial modelling of new investments, and follow-on financing deals.  Our due diligence services are offered with quick-turnaround and priced affordably for the lower-middle market.

Sapling also assists in value creation at the portfolio company level. Finding the best team to deliver against a value creation plan is always challenging for PE firms.

We assist GPs with mission critical projects in the post-close process, working on key Finance projects, covering data analytics (Power BI dashboarding, data warehousing, KPI formulation, customer lifetime value analysis), custom-tool development (internal financial models, pricing tools, scheduling tools, etc.), and automation of repetitive tasks.

We create processes, systems and tools that can be used by the Finance team on an ongoing basis, or that can be updated continuously by our consultants, depending on the client’s preference.

Due Diligence Services

Quality of Earnings

  • Diagnostic Review of Revenues and Costs
  • Profit & Cashflow Transparency with High-level Normalization Adjustments
  • Analysis of Forecasts, Trends and Seasonality
  • Working Capital and Capex Analysis
  • Reconciliation against Cash, Tax Returns, etc.
  • Observations on Historical Performance
  • Factors Driving Business Sustainability
  • Major Risks and Red Flags
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis

Buy/Sell-Side Data Analytics

  • Slice and dice information as needed to demonstrate growth and sustainability trends concerning sales transactions, working capital, EBITDA, etc.
  • Calculate sales by customer, customer lifetime value, average basket size, etc.
  • Harmonize multiple historical data sets into a single “data cube”

Financial Modelling

  • Credible and bankable financial models to provide analysis on forecasted financial performance
  • Sensitivity analysis on key drivers – sales, margins, capital structure/stack
  • Third-party, un-biased view

Value Creation Services

Data Analytics

  • Implementation of BI Systems (Back-end and Front-end)
  • Dashboard Setup and Automation
  • Financial & Operational KPI Reporting
  • Client Segmentation & Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Client/Location/Product Profitability
  • Set up of data warehouse
  • Integration with existing systems – API calls, integrator implementation, web scraping, etc.

Finance Automation

  • Automating Repetitive Finance Tasks
  • Web scraping & Automated Form Filling

Strategic FP&A

  • Planning Systems Implementation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Process Improvement
  • FP&A Best Practices Implementation
  • Stakeholder Reporting

Performance Improvement

  • Margin Expansion Initiatives
  • Structural EBITDA Enhancement
  • Working Capital Efficiency

Our Work

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