SuperReturn North America

  • September 18 – 20, 2020
  • 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Event description

SuperReturn is a leading private capital event in North America, which will discuss sectors and themes to invest in, and which to avoid. Furthermore, Where market-leading firms are investing and new trends that are shaping the industry. The conference will also dive deep into answering the following:

Healthcare: which subsectors and themes offer the best investment opportunities especially in light of Covid-19?

Secondaries: With more complex and innovative offerings, what should buyers be looking for?

Emerging managers: How can LPs find the new top-performers, while still navigating the disruption in the current market?

Technology: has the focus changed?

How are GPs dealing with portfolios now and how does it compare with 2008? Is 2020 the toughest test yet for the industry?


Panel discussion

  • Day 3: Private Equity
  • What does ‘disruption’ mean in an already highly disruptive market?
  • Why is some technology doomed to fail in certain markets?
  • In which ways have COVID, lockdown, and the recent trade wars affected the growth of global tech investment and exits?



  • SC Moatti, Founder & Managing Partner, Mighty Capital
  • Patrick N.W. Turner, Managing Director, VSS
  • Rob Hong, Co-Founder & CEO, Sapling
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