Cash Flow Modelling During Covid-19 – Webinar for GTAAN/GTAAFN

  • April 16, 2020
  • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Event description

The COVID-19 crisis is having an unprecedented impact on the economics and finances of companies across all industries. Businesses are experiencing drastic declines in revenues, and some already initiated massive layoffs as a result. The stock market is on a downward decline that will take years to recover.

To cope with the situation, businesses must undergo massive cost cuts just to keep the lights on. A key factor in decision making under these circumstances is the ability to model cash flow to a great degree of flexibility, to assist business executives with decision making that will allow the continuation of their business throughout the crisis and beyond.

The Cash Flow Modelling webinar presented by Sapling Financial Consultants will cover best practices and requirements for using financial models to monitor cash flow and stress test a business’s financial situation. It will examine how to model various scenarios exploring changing circumstances:

  • An extension of the shutdown period
  • Changes in government supports
  • Effects of cost cutting measures and other mitigants: layoffs, payment terms extensions, lender supports

This webinar will provide great insight into how various industries are adjusting and preparing themselves for a future where the COVID-19 crisis drags on.

A robust model template will also be included, which will be distributed for free to all participants.

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