Advanced Excel Tools for Finance Leaders (TMA Texas)

  • June 17, 2021
  • 5:00 pm

Event Description

Having strong working knowledge of Excel is essential for every business professional who works with data. While newer emerging technologies focused on Data Analytics & AI are useful, Excel continues to be the most widely used application for quick and structured data analysis particularly in the Finance function (financial forecasting, trend analysis, budgeting, MIS reporting, presentation dashboards).

Although Restructuring Professionals, CFOs and other Senior Finance Leaders are well-versed with basic Excel, the knowledge of advanced formulae and time-saving techniques can help effectively streamline painstaking tasks and turn raw data into presentable insights. This will ultimately boost efficiency, and the quality of analysis, enabling more informed decision making.

This workshop will provide an overview of advanced features of Excel that will increase the sophistication of the user’s Excel usage and will help get work done better and faster. Among the topics to be discussed are:

• How to save time with keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts
• What are some of the most common mathematical and logical functions
• How and when to use advanced lookups and conditional functions
• How to slice and dice data with PIVOTs
• How to perform data sorting, data analysis and data validation
• How to audit complex formulas using Formulas features and Add-ins
• Overall best practices in Excel modelling

Please join TMA Central Texas Chapter to hear from Rob Hong, Rohit Nerurkar, and Matthew Robertson from Sapling Financial Consultants Inc. as they share their expertise and answer your “how”s and “when”s on some of the advanced Excel features. Rob will provide a general overview of the company and introduce the two main speakers, Rohit and Matthew.



  • Rob Hong, CEO & Co-Founder, Sapling Financial Consultants Inc.
  • Rohit Nerurkar, Consultant, Sapling Financial Consultants Inc.
  • Matthew Robertson, Analyst, Sapling Financial Consultants Inc.
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