Electricity Developers

Sapling Financial Consultants helps electricity developers to land new clients, develop profitable projects, and raise capital from like-minded investors.

Our value-driving Financial Modelling services help developers to:
Price Projects Sustainably

Sapling’s financial models provide detailed operational calculations at the level of granularity you need (by minute, 15-minute interval, hour, etc.). We then take this data and convert it into a financial model to help you determine the right pricing strategy. Models include:

▪ Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow
▪ Free cash flow, NPV, IRR
▪ Ability to run unlimited num

Demonstrate Customer Savings

We have extensive experience analyzing electricity rate orders in jurisdictions across North America. Taking this experience, and working with our project pricing models, we calculate customer savings over the life of
the power purchase agreement term. Our models include:

▪ Re-creation of current customer bills to show a
“steady state” or “base case”
▪ Pro forma calculation of residual customer grid
demand, alongside the costs of your solution
▪ Scenario analysis showing the impact of items
such as changed operating schedules

Raise Capital

Having solid financial modelling piques investors’ interest to begin with. But to support the financing process, typically we
aggregate your existing pipeline models, along with future unidentified projects, into an “entire company investor model”.
These models have helped to raise tens of millions of $ and include:

▪ Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement
▪ Detailed cap table, including waterfall structures proposed by investors
▪ Return calculations by investor group, include distributions and exit value (IRR, MOIC, etc.)
▪ Visually-appealing charts and graphs that are sure to impress investors

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