Sapling Financial seeks to empower businesses to make better decisions through financial modelling and data analysis. By making best-in-class financial modelling and data analytics more accessible, we can unlock value in the businesses we work with and therefore bring more value to the world. We don’t just build a model: we help our clients build a wind farm, a hotel, a micro-brewery with delicious craft beers, etc.

Current Openings

We are always looking for passionate, competent, and hard-working people to join our team. These are our current openings:

Marketing Associate

Consultant – Due Diligence

Consultant – Financial Modelling & Analysis

Analyst – Financial Modelling & Due Diligence

Business Development Representative


Does this sound interesting but you’re not sure if you are ready to apply yet?

We want to support you as you explore this option. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone in our team before applying, and we would be happy to have a brief chat. Check out our Team page for our contact information.

Notice: Sapling does not accept unsolicited resumes from professional recruiters with whom we do not have a contractual relationship. Unsolicited resumes will become the property and to be used at the discretion of Sapling.

Company Culture & Mission

We are a group of smart and dedicated people driven by their desire to help clients, to learn new things, and to solve problems. We believe in fostering consultants who possess both strong quantitative abilities to execute on the financial modelling and data analytics work, and the core soft skills that allow them to empathize and communicative well with clients. The work is fast-paced and diverse, and everyone is given a high degree of responsibility from the start, but we are a supportive group that enjoy their work, and as a result push each other to become better.

From your first month in, you will have a seat at the table and work with company executives and managers to help them find good solutions to their problems. You might have the opportunity to help a company go from breaching their loan covenants to tripling their EBITDA in 3-years, or you might create a financial model for building and ramping up one of the largest research facilities in the region. You might see a logo of the client you worked with as you are passing by a neighbourhood school, the local shopping mall, or in the newspaper. We’ve done all that, so if you work here, you will make an impact too.

We believe people with different backgrounds and experiences make our services and our company better, because they will be better equipped to create accessible solutions for the wide range of companies and industries we serve. We are not exclusively looking for people with a traditional business education. We are rather looking for people with a high standard of achievement in their field. We want to know that whatever you do, you do well, and you take pride in your work. A high level of determination and an ability to learn quickly is important for a successful career in consulting. So is an orientation towards “growth”, with a strong willingness to take feedback. Our people are the most important key to the success of the business – and we work hard as a team to make sure our people are the best that they can be, and they are constantly working on improving by taking feedback from their team and their clients.

Typical Interview Process

We have a 6-step interview process for our consulting roles:


We review applications for a variety of criteria

Intro Interview

A video call with one of our consulting team members and recruiter to get to know you a little better

Technical Test

A take-home technical test that is sent at a time chosen by the candidate and used to assess modelling, data analytics, and problem-solving abilities

Final Interview

An interview with several members of Sapling team where the candidate will have the opportunity to present their technical test work, a team fit assessment, and an opportunity for us to show some of our work to the candidate

Reference Checks

We run reference checks with the references provided by the candidate


We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role

Current Perks & Benefits

Health Care Spending Account

Can be used for any eligible healthcare expenses under CRA, with no constraints on the type of healthcare spending ………………………

Sapling Mind & Body

Our people get a budget they can spend on fitness, personal developments classes, as well as a corporate discount with GoodLife Fitness

Sapling Anywhere

Our employees can work remotely from any location in the world for a full month every year ………………………………………………………………..

Sapling Sabbatical

Every three years, Sapling team members get a 2-months fully paid sabbatical leave ………………………………………

Professional Training

In-house or outsourced training courses, and covering expenses for professional designation exams

Hybrid Work Model

For the foreseeable future, we are planning to have a hybrid work model with 2-days per week in the office

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